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Maybach Project


In addition to setting up and delivering to Pier 54 two very large iron traverses needed for lifting the glass container holding the MAYBACH vehicle, and assisting with the move of the same from the QE2 to Pier 54 via a “crane helicopter”, we were asked to remove the empty container and all accessories from the Pier in a very short period of time.  Because a crane was not allowed on the pier, this required the crane helicopter a second time, and a forklift, as well as rigging expertise and appropriate transportation.

At the same time we were charged with offloading 10 ocean containers as well as 13,000 kgs of airfreight at our warehouse in Long Island, and reloading onto 27’ lift gate vehicles, the most effective vehicle for making deliveries to the Regent Wall Street Hotel.  Along with the traverses above, this cargo consisted of the complete stage and back drop for the MAYBACH introduction; gradually elevated seating ramps made of wood and particle board which went from floor level to over 10 feet high and filled nearly one half of the Regent Wall Street Hotel ballroom; a considerable amount of furniture; and several large intricate glass display cases.

The total actual weight of this cargo, both sea freight and air freight, was approximately 90,000kgs or 199,000lbs.  The total volume was approximately 28,000 cubic feet.  The first ocean containers arrived at the warehouse on Long Island late on June 26th.  We were not allowed to begin deliveries to the hotel until just past midnight on June 28 and were asked to have everything delivered by early morning July 1.   Furthermore, because of weather problems in the Atlantic, the second 5 containers did not arrive until very late on Saturday June 29.  These containers had to be taken off the vessel in Halifax and trucked through Canada to New York City.

Finally, the Regent Wall Street Hotel has no loading dock; furthermore, there was no room for a forklift and we were not given permission to use a forklift on Wall Street.  Therefore all deliveries had to take place from the sidewalk on Wall Street, at an angle, up a stone stairway and between marble columns which were less than 95” wide. In the beginning the deliveries were made over a pit in the floor which was created when the original revolving glass doors of the entrance to the Ballroom were removed.  The first deliveries early on June 28 were made more complicated by the unexpected and unannounced arrival of a dozen or more vehicles containing lighting and audio visual equipment, which were also being offloaded and moved into the premises.

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While accomplishing this nearly impossible task of offloading and sorting 90,000kgs of cargo, then delivering from Long Island to downtown New York, and offloading by hand into the hotel ballroom, we were tasked with making numerous deliveries and pickups to other hotels and to Pier 16.  And when this was finished, we immediately began to remove huge amounts of debris and empty crates, pallets, and containers.  This activity took place until early morning July 2; then although the Maybach Premiere ended at 2pm that same day, we were not allowed to begin until 4pm the process of removing the very same 90,000kgs of cargo and transporting it back to the warehouse on Long Island, where the items staying in the United States were sorted from those returning to Germany, and were cut up and broken down into pieces small enough to fit in dumpsters.   We were given until 8am on the morning of July 3 to completely clear the ballroom, which was miraculously accomplished.  Afterwards, in addition to sorting, cutting up, and disposing of the debris, we were charged with packing a very large amount of items which we had not unpacked, and with no assistance or direction from the client and returning some these materials by airfreight and the remainder by sea freight.


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