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Harry Potter Project


Less than 4 weeks prior to the last possible sailing from the port of New York, we were tasked with planning and executing the movement of Harry Potter the Exhibit from the Discovery Times Square Museum in New York City to the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney, Australia.

Consisting of original props, artifacts and costumes from the first several Harry Potter movies, as well as replica’s of various characters and sets, including the Hogwart’s Express locomotive, and extensive lighting and electronics, shipping the Harry Potter exhibit required 20 forty foot high cube ocean containers, together with 5 forty foot high cube refrigerated ocean containers.

Located just off of Times Square, the Discovery Museum, in the late 19th century home of the New York Times, had two small loading areas which could not accommodate 40’ ocean containers. The entire exhibit therefore had to be loaded on the streets, which required special arrangements with New York City.

Furthermore, the load out took place during the commemoration of the ten year anniversary of 9/11, which meant large crowds, traffic, and extremely tight security throughout the area. At the same time sections of the building were being renovated, which presented additional and unexpected challenges.

Finally, because of Australia’s very strict regulations governing importation of wood and wood products, much of the packing material and some of the set materials had to be taken off site to be fumigated and stamped per ISPM 15 regulations, prior to loading in the container.

This project required extensive planning and communication with multiple parties including the venue, the city of New York, New York law enforcement agencies, vendors, and the dismantling staff and managers, the customs broker and drayage companies in Sydney, and the venue and traffic coordinators in Sydney. The project required meticulous timing, tracking and management.

All 25 ocean containers arrived in good condition and were offloaded on time and as planned. Harry Potter the Exhibition opened as scheduled in Sydney.


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